Why reinstall windows?

If you have had your laptop or computer for a long while, you will know that over time, software accumulates and causes the computer to run very slow. This is natural and expected because the more programs and software you install, the more memory it takes up, the more temporary files your PC will need to store.

It is true that not all problems such as slow web browsing, slow file access, slow mouse movement is not caused by software, but hardware too. It could be that your hard disk is failing or about to fail. In this case, there is a risk you may lose your data. Our hard drive data recovery service is ideal in this instance. We can also give you advise on free backup online utilities that you can use in order to make this a cheaper & and swifter option for you.

When do i know if windows needs reinstalling?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, there is a likelihood that windows will need to be reinstalled to repair the operating system

  • Your computer is slow and unresponsive.
  • Your web browsing is slow.
  • Your pc is not booting up to windows. You have tried safemode to no avail? You receive errors such as “windows did not start successfully” or “windows failed to boot”. These are signs that the operating system registry has been corrupted.
  • Blue screen of death errors. Commonly abbreviated to BSOD.

Is it a complicated process to reinstall the entire windows operating system?

If truth be told, then if you have a basic understanding of the operating system and an original OEM disk from Microsoft, you can backup your data on a flash drive or external hard disk and then reinstall windows yourself. You could then run a simple windows update which would install all your drivers for you.

Sometimes, however, it may be a hardware fault or you may not have the original recovery disks that came with your laptop or computer. This is our value added service for our customers. PCs can be slow due to hardware problems which cannot easily be detected. We ensure that we perform adequate tests prior to reinstalling windows to ensure peace of mind.

So if you feel you do not have the time, the expertise, the confidence, or the recovery disks required to do this then contact us now! Our windows reinstall service is fast, convenient and cheap compared to our computer repair shop competitors. Contact us for your windows did not start successfully fix.

Will you back up my data?

If you have not backed up your data or are unable to backup your data because windows is not loading our hard drive data recovery service is ideal.

Does your laptop or pc need a windows reinstall?

Sometimes it maybe a simple case of installing the correct drivers, or a simple reconfiguration of windows that may do the trick, in which case we will not advise you to the contrary.

If your pc or laptop can be fixed in a cheaper and quicker way, we will let you know. We do not intend to deliberately misadvise our customers and take advantage of their lack of knowledge about computers.

Contact us now for your windows software reinstall service.

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