A 50% upfront payment is compulsory and must be issued to ZT Tech in order for work to commence.
The Remainder of the payment will be due on the date issued as the deadline. Any delays in payment will result in the cancellation of your project and loss of your deposit.

The 50% payment also applies to Mobile app development and payment can be made via bank transfer or online on our website. (Please note we do not accept cash or cheque payments)

If your request is for networking support and maintenance then 50% would be required on request from company.


ZT Tech aims to complete all websites within a maximum timescale of four weeks (unless stated otherwise).

Payment terms must be abided by according to this timescale.
All site content must be provided to ZT Tech at least 10 days before the deadline. Failure to do so will mean that the project will be overdue the deadline date and final payment will still be necessary on the original agreed deadline date.It will be the discretion of the web team management of whether to carry out remaining work after the deadline date.

Quality of content/design submitted

ZT Tech aims to provide all services to the highest standards, however, ZT Tech will not be held responsible for poor presentation of content (images, sound, video, text) submitted by you, the client.

Additional adjustments/Website Maintenance

If any requests are made for adjustments or any changes given to ZT Tech which were not given at the design stage will be charged for.
All responsibilities will be of the site owner/administrator to maintain/edit the site.

Under normal circumstances, the site will remain in our management control for added customer convenience and also due to security issues.
In the rare case where special circumstances suggest site is handed to client,

ZT Tech cannot take any responsibility for loss of files/content.
For this reason ZT Tech strongly advise all customers to arrange a regular back of the websites/emails as ZT Tech will not be responsible should any loss occur with the files or the emails.

ZT Tech will always try to be as competitive as possible when quotes are given however once the quote has been decided upon, this would be final and ZT Tech cannot compromise once the quote has been fixed.

Please Note:

The above Terms are subject to change at any time without any prior notification

**If you feel you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email**