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ZT Tech Pricing List

Customer Satisfaction
Prompt Service
Full Client Data Confidentiality
In dependant control of your own product at no extra cost

The guarantee is voided if settings have been changed/incompatible hardware has been installed into the system or the *warranty label removed*. (*Applies to custom built machines by ZT)

Prices of services we provide are listed below:

* Rates differ for schools and businesses*
Prices adjusted in line with ongoing technology changes- Now providing services at a lower cost.

Service Our Price (£)
Genuine Windows XP/Vista/7 /10 reload *
with all applicable drivers
From £19.99
PC/Laptop Repair* From £19.99
Software Install From £9.99
System Valet From £9.99
System Health check
(Evaluation of problems, advice on useful upgrades)
From £4.99
Data backup* From £24.99
Onsite Call out Repair*

From £49.99

Off site repair* From £24.99
PC/Laptop accessories Please ask
System Upgrade Package
(Motherboard, CPU and Memory Upgrade
From £24.99
Resolving software conflicts / hardware conflicts £9.99
Networking Configuration (Wired or Wireless)* £24.99
Notebook Hard drive 10GB+

From £24.99
(Varies by capacity)

PC Hard drive 80GB+ (IDE)

PC Hard drive 500GB (SATA)

From £39.99

From £49.99

Disaster recovery (Data) * (Can take up to 7 days depending on the factors) £49.99
Additional Services
Website/Mobile App development From £299
Website/Domain Hosting* See Packages

Graphic/Logo Design

From £74.99
Additional Components to Websites *
(Physical Additions/Changes e.g. Additional Menu, pages etc)
From £29.99
(If designed by ZT)
Website Updating* From £24.99 per month
Limited to 3 updates per week

* Diagnostic charge of 14.99 will apply for all repairs*

**Special rates apply to schools and businesses**
Please Call or email us for further info…..

ZT Tech has a strong list of clients whom we provide services to:

Services include IT/Networking support Webdesign or Smartphone App development

Coming soon…

Tel: 07749992486

 **Please note the above prices are fixed and are subject to change without notice**