Windows Re-Install/Upgrade – Customer Supplied Disks

Your Windows Re-Install will include:

  • The re-installation of a Microsoft operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 10) with disc supplied by you where required.
  • Where needed, back up data such as photos, music and documents which can then be transferred after install.
  • Install relevant drivers and connect your PC to your network if you have one.
  • Make you PC internet ready and install Anti-virus software if you have any. (anti-virus can be supplied on request).

This service can be performed on any PC with Windows 7 up to Windows 10.

Why does your machine need a reinstall

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Cost Only £60.00

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Data Transfer

Your data transfer will include:

The transfer of documents from an old to new computer.

Transfer will include: music, photos, videos, email accounts and documents.

This service can be used to transfer data between your PC and laptop or PC to PC with Windows XP upwards.

Cost Only £35.00

email us on one of our engineer will get back to you or BOOK A SERVICE

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On-Site Service

On-site service repairs are available from £49.99


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